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Wednesday Wellness with Asif Ali Azad




Discover your self through the art of meditation with 

Asif Ali Azad.


In each guiding session, there will be meditation, breath works and talks to share your insights about life. 


These sessions are all about discovering your own journey. In life nothing is good or bad, success or failure but just an experience to learn and develop something within.


Cover charge: PKR 500/-

Timings - 8 30 - 9 30 PM 


Asif Ali Azad is a Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Reformer and Philanthropist.  


The sessions conducted by Mr. Azad are based on Sufism, meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qigong and breath that develops the key skill set of handling our self in difficult situations in life.


Mr. Azad works includes, training people of all ages in the art of self-awareness and self-development. This includes public engagement sessions, plantation drives, one breath one world Taichi days, moon light meditations, segments, forums, seminars, sessions and one to one mentoring and therapeutic healing sessions.


Wednesday Wellness with Asif Ali Azad


Date & Time:
21 Apr 08:30 PM - 26 May 10:00 PM

Building 44 - c , The Bull Pen 1st Khalid commercial street, Khalid Commercial Area Phase 7 Ext DHA Karachi,

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