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Ticket Wala is the singular platform providing comprehensive information and total access to all events in Karachi.

Our city has a number of exciting events and truly incredible initiatives across the board. There are fascinating art exhibitions, exotic adventure tours, sea-leisure trips off the coast, dedicated workshops and informative seminars about any subject of interest, international standard theatre and comedy shows, live music performances from bonafide stars, growing health and fitness trends for all levels, restaurant openings of every cuisine, fashion shows constantly raising the bar… There is already momentum, incentive, and quality in our event industry.

And yet, for all its potential, the event industry is not where it should be.

We have identified numerous factors and inherent, systemic problems currently stagnating the entire event industry, including:

Co-founders Zayan Abedeen, Zayaan Bawany and Rehan Botejue started Ticket Wala in late 2018 intending to create a digital ticketing platform. Since then, our team has gone a step further. With the goal of keeping the people of Karachi informed and connected to the events they love, Ticket Wala has become an all-encompassing online ticketing platform: not only acting as a user-friendly source for tickets but as a stable stream of news, reviews and insights into all events. We have become a one-stop-shop for all information and ticketing needs.

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The ultimate convenience; direct access to events without the need for a third party. Users can find any event, every detail of that event, and an instant ticket purchasing option - all from the same source. Our goal of convenience is supported through technology. Information and ticket purchasing goes hand in hand online.

With a single click via any device, you have access to information and tickets - anytime, anywhere.

Karachi is a dynamic city, with creative individuals starting amazing shows, exhibitions, talks, launches and more -- but do you know about them?