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Umair Jaliawala Presents 'Do Your Job'


Each of our jobs throughout the course of life require certain commitments, characteristics and more than anything else, a responsibility towards them. To do your job as a student, one must become self-disciplined at attending classes, doing homework and learning through best methods. To do your job as a spouse, one must be strong in character, open, supportive, communicative, kind and patient.

There are jobs that we are born to do: we must play our role as a an offspring, a sibling, a man or a woman. There are jobs we take on because we have a choice, such as student, boss, parent, employee, an entrepreneur etc. These jobs can also include defining ourselves as having a particular occupation or mission, such as blogger, trainer, teacher, lawyer or a pilot. Each of these jobs require a set of duties and responsibilities that must be fulfilled, and oftentimes, we have trouble recognising these duties and subsequently, not being just to them.

After having a 60-80 year run on earth, you are going to look back. What are you going to tell yourself, that you didn’t study when you were in the university because your classmates were influencing you? You did not make a presentation for the meeting because you were too tired from the night before? You didn’t use your talent more effectively when there were people around you less privileged and less talented than you who did so much more with their lives than you did? Your biggest cry at the age of 30 - will it matter when you look back?

This 3hr session is a powerful experience packed with your realisations, reactions, acceptance and shedding off your frustrations. The programme dives deep into the power of pure energy. You will laugh, you will dance, you will cheer, you will cry and you will scream! Blended with powerful music, meditation and exercises in the programme will help identify your patterns, beliefs, stories, values and conditioning of your job in life. You will come to look at and understand the sufferings and beliefs which cause pain not only for yourselves but for those around you and in your immediate and larger circles. The aim of the seminar is to help you begin to break those patterns and initiate the process of installing a whole new blueprint to the idea of personal responsibility and for you to do your job, and not just do it for the sake of doing it but also to pause, introspect, reflect and envision your direction in life, in line with the big goals and ideals you may hold.

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Umair Jaliawala Presents 'Do Your Job'


Date & Time:
28 Feb, 2020 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Arts Council, M.R.Kiyani Road, Saddar.

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