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Uchal Festival


UCHAL  “Thanksgiving movement” in local language- is one of the famous religious festivals of the Kalash community celebrated by the Kalasha people every year on 20-22 August for the harvest and threshing of wheat crop in the three valleys of Bumburat, Birir and Rumbur. Festival provides an opportunity to the community to pay homage to nature by celebrating the harvest and also thanking their Creator for blessing them with good food and crops. They take a procession to a high plateau which is located outside of the village in Balangkuru and they pray to the Creator and this is where the long night of dancing begins.


Attractions covered:


Lowari Tunnel


Qalqasht Meadows 

Chitral river 

Chitral bazar 

Sahi Mosque Chitral 

Chitral Fort 



Kalash Museum 

Kalash graveyard 

Kalash Valley 


Package includes:



Breakfast n dinner 

Tour guide 

Professional photography


Package Price from Islamabad:

Triple sharing: PKR 49,000

Double Sharing: PKR 59,000


Charges from Karachi by train:

Triple sharing: PKR 79,000

Double sharing: PKR 89,000


From Karachi by plane: 

Double sharing: PKR 119,000

Charges from Karachi by Train
Double sharing ( Two Persons ) PKR 89,000
Triple Sharing ( Three Persons) PKR 79,000
From Karachi by Plane
Double sharing ( Two Persons ) PKR 119,000
Package Price from Islamabad
Double sharing ( Two Persons ) PKR 59,000
Triple Sharing ( Three Persons) PKR 49,000

Uchal Festival


Date & Time:
16 Aug, 2022 12:00 PM


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