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The Cosmic Fluid Experience at 432


Presenting “The Cosmic Fluid Experience”

A night of eclectic and live improvised dance music featuring some of the best musicians in the business.

Show Flow:

Act 1: Acoustronic Hangout
Featuring: Alien Panda Jury (Danny Panjwaneey) on the beats, Aziz Kazi on the Hang drums, Umair Dar on 12 string guitar and Jasir Abro on Bass

Act 2: Chance Operations
Featuring: Saif the bassist on bass, Aziz Kazi on Drums, Umair Dar on Electric Guitar And Jasir Abro on Lead guitar

Act 3: Pour Forth
Featuring: Aziz Kazi on lead percussion , Umair Dar on Guitar and Jasir Abro on Bass. And Guest featuring Zishan Mansoor on Lead guitar, Jon Saville on keys and Ajay Harri on drums


The Cosmic Fluid Experience at 432


Date & Time:
14 Mar 07:00 PM - 14 Apr 09:00 PM

Club432, 5th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi, Pakistan

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