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The 42 Day Challenge


Bundle Offer (Any One Meal plan + Home Workout (Full 4-Week Program))

SPECIAL RAMADAN OFFER! Get one Meal Plan of your choice and our Home Workout 4-Week Program at a discounted price. Pay only Rs. 3999 instead of Rs. 5300 (Limited time offer) 

42DC - KETO Fat Loss Meal Plan

Turn your fats into fuel while eating the foods you love! Burn fat fast with our ground breaking Ketogenic plan that will help you reach your 1 inch/kg fat loss goal each week! (depending on how strictly you will follow your plan). The meal plan divides your day’s calories into 3 convenient and delicious meal per day. You will spend less time cooking and meal prepping than ever before! Using the principles of intermittent fasting along with ketogenisis, this meal plan will boost your performance while accelerating fat loss in a short space of time There are numerous exciting and easy to follow recipes within the meal plan along with detailed guidelines on how to use your own recipes so that your daily meals are not repetitive and keep you satisfied. You can chose a variety of things from our large range of keto friendly ingredients which are readily available and cost effective. A simple shopping list is also provided within the plan The meal plan explains how the ketogenic diet works in depth and provides you with all the knowledge you need to avoid any dips in energy or keto flu like symptoms. In fact you will feel more energetic and powerful on this meal plan than you could ever imagine! Our Ketogenic meal plan will help you change their eating habits in the least stressful way to maintain long-term, sustainable results This meal plan is for beginners as well as keto pros

Rs. 2500


The 42 Day Challenge Home Workout - (Full 4-Week Program)

Cutting edge Weight training and Cardio and Ab workouts for the whole week designed by fitness expert Nusrat Hidayat Ullah and Dr. Torsam Tajik Weight training and cardio and abs on alternate days Monday to Saturday with Sunday as the rest day The Weight training will include explosive movements, plyometric movements, compound movements, functional movements, and isolation movements all designed to retain muscle and cut fat in the comfort of your homes. The Cardio will have high-intensity compound movements designed to spike your metabolism and torch your fat The ab workouts will hit all parts of your abdomen your upper abs, lower abs, internal and external obliques, and your transverse abdominus building strength and shaping those abs hidden behind that layer of fat! Complete Fat loss/weight loss program that will target every muscle in your body without any equipment at home and make you burn over 600 calories in 30 to 40 minutes melting that fat. The workouts are specifically designed to have a big afterburn effect so while you're at home during the COVID-19 crisis, it will boost your metabolism and make you burn a lot more overall calories throughout the day, even at rest! The workouts are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete these workouts will be challenging and will cause you to break a sweat! For any queries related to the workouts please whats app 03362286487

Rs. 2800


42DC - PCOS Weight Loss and Fertility Meal Plan

Cure your PCOS naturally and begin to burn fat faster than ever before! We have found a completely natural way to regulate your hormones through nutrition and accelerate weight loss without the use of any pharmaceutical medication! Pharmaceutical treatments for PCOS and other hormonal imbalances do not get to the root of the problem and therefore cannot solve it in the long term. With our PCOS diet we will stabiles your hormones without any side effects or dependencies that medications have! You will feel the symptoms of the PCOS reduce and fat loss increase dramatically after just a couple of weeks on this meal plan. This meal plan will also help you deal with PCOS related issues such as hair and skin health, uneven body fat distribution, low mood/ energy levels as well as long term fertility problems. Your daily calories will be divided into 3 meals a day. Meal 1 has a complex carbohydrate option as well (unlike other low carb diets prescribed for PCOS which have consistency issues) so that you have no carb cravings through the day and can easily stick to your diet without breaking down in a slump! This meal plan is gluten free and comes with lactose free options as well. The meal plan includes a large variety of exciting and easy to follow recipes so that you can have your favorite health foods at home such as overnight oats, greek yoghurt parfaits, chia puddings, cauliflower rice bowls etc. all the ingredients used are readily available, local and cost-effective There are detailed, printable shopping lists within the meal plan to make your groceries a manageable Most importantly, the plan includes details on several lifestyle choices you can make (such as to your make up, cleaning detergents, the cloth you wear etc) that will help you alleviate and manage your condition much better! The plan goes into depth about the training/ workout choices you can make to best support your healing process and unlock your true potential! Our PCOS diet will change your life! Its one of our largest accomplishments yet! 

Rs. 2500


42DC - ANCIENaaaaaT NUTRITION MEAL PLAN (Balanced Diet Fat Loss Plan)

A brand new way of eating that’s ancient in its roots and brings shocking results by unlocking your body’s true potential! We aim to burn fat ½ - 1 inch of fat consistently each week based on your dedication to the diet! The Ancient Nutrition Protocol works by controlling your insulin levels and dividing your day’s calories into 3 convenient and quick meals. You’ll spend less time cooking and meal prepping than ever before. Stay in a fat-burning state between the meals and reap the benefits of intermittent fasting to achieve your body goals more effectively. The meal plan provides easy to follow recipes for your favorite health/ fitness foods such as greek yogurt parfaits, chia puddings, overnight oats so you can enjoy eating at home more than any diet has ever allowed before! Youll be surprised how readily available some of these ingredients are and how cost-effective and simple the process is We’ll be nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are constantly satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest. The meal plan comes with numerous exciting recipes and extensive guidelines on how to eat clean in a delicious manner. There will be one cheat meal per week. This is optional for those who would like to take some time out to have their favorite guilty dishes. The meal plan provides gluten-free and regular carb options for all meals so you can go as intense as you like! The 42DC Ancient Nutrition protocol brings you closer to a more natural way of eating and living by exploring the benefits of intermittent fasting in combination with natural ingredients. This is the dietary solution you’ve been looking for!

Rs. 2500


The 42 Day Challenge


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30 Apr 11:00 PM - 30 May 11:00 PM


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