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Sketching Workshop with Ozair Mansoor


This 8 weeks online workshop is for all those individuals who are applying to art schools in Pakistan, or who want to start from the basics. All feedback will be online, but I will invite students over at my studio one day per week, for in-person feedback. (Subject to change).

The workshop covers multiple areas:

1. Line Drawing
2. Form Manipulation
3. Shade and Render
4. Medium Exploration
5. Imaginative Drawing
6. Portfolio Building

Classes start from 9th June.
Fees: Rs.15,000/- to be paid for the 8 week workshop.
Registration deadline: 7th June. 


Sketching Workshop with Ozair Mansoor


Date & Time:
08 Jun 11:00 PM - 08 Aug 11:00 PM

Online Class

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