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Online Training Sessions with Team K7!


Hard to find motivation to exercise this pandemic? Are you going stir crazy at home? Is this situation taking a toll on your mental & physical health? If so, this is the program for you! K7’s full body conditioning & fitness program is now available online!

Our mission is simple: to challenge you, engage you & help you thrive – all while in a fun/positive environment. For our purposes this program will be modified to use limited equipment?

Catering to all levels of fitness (beginner - advanced). Classes will be held Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Classes will begin on the 6th, so make sure to register by then! 


To sign up click the Buy Tickets button:

1) Once you register we will add you to a WhatsApp group 

2) K7 will be sending you a zoom ID link before every class 

3) Make sure to install zoom so you can click the link & log in 5 minutes prior to class 


-Please note that in order to provide the best home training experience we are limiting the total number of participants per class to 30


Online Training Sessions with Team K7!


Date & Time:
06 Apr 04:00 PM - 01 May 07:40 PM

Online Fitness Training

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