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Online Summer Camp by Little Medical School


At Little Medical School, we inspire young minds by sharing our passion for learning, health and careers in medicine.
Help your child live healthier with our sports medicine program!
Our online summer camp will teach your child about good nutrition, stretching exercises, physical therapy, common sports injuries, ways to prevent these injuries and so much more! 
Classes will be held Monday to Thursday from 11th May to 22nd May. 
Timings: 3pm - 4pm
Ages: 5 - 12 years old 
For more details contact 03000445552.
About Little Medical School:
Little Medical School brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting and fun way. Children learn and have fun as they dress up like doctors, learn how to use instruments
doctors use, and understand how the body works!
The mission of Little Medical School is to teach elementary school children about the exciting field of medicine. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts, and games, children are actively engaged as they
explore the world of medicine.
Educational Outreach:
• Blends fun and education in an interactive and engaging format
• Adds a unique curriculum to any school and is a benefit for children and parents
• With over 50 franchises world wide we have taught over 250,000 students all over the world
• Promotes healthy living for children and their families
Our programs aim to inspire children to aspire for careers in healthcare through using demonstrations, crafts and games. Kids learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use,
administer first aid and even tie knots like a real surgeon.
Package Details: 
Rs.5000 for two week summer camp starting 11th May (Ages: 5-12) (timings: 3-4 M-TH). 


Online Summer Camp by Little Medical School


Date & Time:
11 May 02:00 PM - 22 May 03:00 PM


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