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NATANGLE Experiencial - Pop Up Market



1) Everyone will need to purchase a standard ticket and if you wish to purchase an experience you may buy the ticket along with your standard ticket you may add it to your checkout. 

2) There is no limit on the number of experiences you can get

3) Please note that if you purchase any experience, you are entitled to a discount of PKR 100 on your standard entry ticket, you will get this refund at the gate.


Natangle is a one-stop shop for local and sustainable products; and holistic experiences. This event welcomes the community to come together to support small emerging businesses and passionate founders. The highlight is a super energized drum circle open to anyone. The event will also host curated wellness sessions to help you pause and reflect inwards.


*Date:* 16th October 2021

*Day:* Saturday 

*Time:* 4pm to 10pm 

*Ticket price:* 300rs


Who is team NatAngle? 

Well, this is a little sister project of Live Natural, a multi-brand natural store; along with three crazy founders who know how difficult it is to have a small product business. We know that's why we have created NatAngle. We believe we have got to be there for each other to uplift through the ripples


Come together to have fun, shop and support locals, experience mindfulness by participating in our curated sessions, and jump right into our super energizing drum circle!


Join us in our curated wellness experience at The NatAngle 1.0

All these sessions are for pre-registration and with limited slots only. So Hurry and Signup!

For any queries, you may reach out to Anusha @ 03132094994 or Ali @ 03332309392. 


Session Descriptions: 


1- (Female only) YOGA session is a power packed movement by Hareem. Its an outdoor experience under the sky that will allow you to love your body for its strength and flexibility. This is a beginner friendly session. 


2- Join a SOUND BATH and guided meditation with healing visualizations to release stress and trapped stagnant energy in the body. The pure sonic sound from the singing bowls promote healing and deep relaxation. Zainab from ComePaint is a certified sound therapy practitioner and works with handmade and hand beaten Tibetan bowls.


3- Healing with AROMATHERAPY session will allow you to use your sense of smell and go through the process of creating a custom essential oil blend that resonates with who you are! Soul Apothecary will be running this session and each participant will take away their custom oil blend as a beautiful affirmative reminder.


4- COLOR ME CALM by Bushra from KunYog 

If you are looking to unwind in a creative way, where releasing stress is fun, with colors of nature around you, soothing music, and a peaceful environment to connect with yourself, this session is for you! A 60 minutes journey of Meditative Art. You will color as you meditate with Bushra’s guided narration, manifesting mantras and positive beliefs, associating yourself with colors!


5- Baithak is a healthy support group, a safe space for people to come and share their problems and work on themselves with others. These sessions will explore different techniques through conversation and activities, facilitated by clinical psychologists from The Circle.


5.1 - The first Baithak will focus on : 

What’s Your Story: Join us to unfold the connection between your childhood story and adult life script you unconsciously might be following? 


5.2 - The second Baithak will be on : 

One of a KIND!: An experiential Baithak where people would learn about kindness towards self and others.


We look forward to welcoming you on the 16th! 


The NatAngle Team

NATANGLE Experiencial - Pop Up Market
Standard Ticket (Rs 100 refund at gate if purchased with experience) PKR 300
Female Yoga by Hareem (4-5 PM) PKR 1,500
Sound Bath By Come Paint (4-5pm) PKR 2,000
Art Therapy Session by Kun Yog (5-6pm) PKR 2,000
Baithak By Circle (5-6pm) - Whats your Story? PKR 1,000
Baithak By Circle (6-7pm) - One of a Kind! PKR 1,000
Healing with Aromatherapy by The Soul Apothecary (4:30-5:30pm) PKR 2,000
Healing with Aromatherapy by The Soul Apothecary (6:30-7:30pm) - PKR 2,000/- PKR 2,000


NATANGLE Experiencial - Pop Up Market


Date & Time:
16 Oct, 2021 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Pitstop, Khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Karachi Phase VIII Zone B Zone B Phase 8 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan

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