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LaughDown @ 432


To counter this second wave of covid, Club432 brings you a wave of it's own, a wave of (masked)laughter.

You will experience symptoms such as a deep ticklish feeling in your guts, severe dryness of the throat from laughing too much and an uncontrollable urge to repeatedly smack your hands together.

Although the distance between you and the next person will be well pronounced due to social distancing, the distance between you and JOY itself will be undetectable and the mandatory masks wont be enough to hide your contagious smile.


We have finally had enough of this lockdown and it is now time to hit back with a funny, crazy, hilarious and riotous LAUGHdown!

Join us(with a mask) at Club432 on 23rd January as Usman Mazhar along with Osama Sami, Aliasghar Kapasi, Ammar Zaidi and Ajmal Zubair take you on a comical ride you wont forget.


Tickets are only 1000/- each and are available at ticketwala.pk

there is no ticket selling at the gate and there are a limited number of seats available so what are you waiting for? go book your tickets now!


This is a strictly SOP compliant event and all protocols will be completely enforced.


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LaughDown @ 432


Date & Time:
23 Jan, 2021 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Club 432, 5th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Phase 5, Defence.

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