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DJing 101 with Dj Saulat


Workshop Details: 


Name of the workshop: 


DJ'ing 101:  A Quick and Dirty Introduction to the Art and Science of becoming a DJ 


Short description:  


We can't promise you'll be headlining stadium gigs in Ibiza - or even your cousin's dholki this winter - but we will bring you an enjoyable introductory guide to DJ'ing, in a very interactive setting, with hands-on guidance as and when needed.? When you're done, you will be able to confidently entertain yourself and your closest friends... 


Who is it for? 


This introductory summer course is ideal for those music lovers and enthusiasts who want to share their music with the rest of the world and at the same time want to learn the basic art and science of DJ’ing. Those beginner DJs can also participate who are practicing and experimenting in their bedrooms or friend’s place for sometimes but deep down they know that with little guidance and exposure they can go out and do it in front of a live audience.  



Course Detail: 


Day 1:
Origins of Deejaying (presentation)
Facebook support for participants
A live demo of some typical DJ hardware and software
Participants' installation of DJ software???
Interactive discussion with DJ demo  


Participant registration on Soundcloud and Mixcloud 




Day 2:
Some basic music theory:? One, Two, Three, Four!
Beats Per Minute:? Mixing instrumentals with different tempos
DJ software interactive tutorials
Importing music
Building Playlists
Looping / Sampling
Developing your music collection:? Records? Tapes? CDs? MP3s? 


Day 3:
Understanding music formats:? sound quality
Equalization, compression, volume levelling
Building a good set:
- Do your homework (Song selections and playlist)

 - Transitions
- Buildup
- Flexibility? 


Day 4:
Performance Tips: 


  • Toolkit 


  • Practice, practice, practice! 


  • Know your equipment 


  • Know your setlist(s) (or Know your tunes) 


  • Know your audience? Be Original? Can you do both? 


  • Backups / contingencies 


Web Resources
Day 5:
FIELD TRIP! A guide to Karachi's hidden DJ treasures
Day 6:
Participant performances:? Live 15 minutes set displaying your musical preferences and your        DJ skills? (minimum 3 songs to be mixed) 

Now You're a Superstar:? Upload your mix to Mixcloud and Soundcloud, publicize it through Facebook! 

Parting thoughts 

Distribution of certificates of participation
Highlights and Outcome: 


  • A live demo of some typical DJ hardware 


  • After attending this course, participants will be able to mix and record their sets 


  • Also they will be able to upload their recorded mixes on Mixcloud and Soundcloud 


  • Surprise Field Trip! A guide to Karachi’s hidden DJ treasures 


  • Free hand outs and reading material (which is not available on the net) 


  • We were just joking – now you can easily handle your cousin’s dholki! 


Materials Required from Participants: 


1.You must love music!
3. Laptop computer for Virtual DJ software, which will be provided (specs below):

Supported Operating systems
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Minimum Hardware requirements
Intel(r) Pentium(r) 4 or AMD Athlon(tm) XP
Windows XP SP3
DirectX compatible soundcard
20MB free on the hard drive
Recommended Hardware requirements
Intel(r) Core(tm) 2 or AMD Athlon(tm) X2
Windows 7
Multi-channel DirectX compatible soundcard
2048MB (2 GB) RAM
200MB free on the hard drive
Supported Operating systems
OS X v.10.7 (Lion)
OS X v.10.8 (Mountain Lion)
OS X v.10.9 (Mavericks)
OS X v.10.10 (Yosemite)
OS X v.10.11 (El Capitan)
Minimum Hardware requirements
Intel(r) processor
Mac OS X v10.7
Core Audio compatible soundcard
1024MB RAM
30MB free on the hard drive
Recommended Hardware requirements
Intel(r) processor
Mac OS X v10.9
Multi-channel CoreAudio compatible soundcard
2048MB (2 GB) RAM
200MB free on the hard drive 





A brief about the Instructor: 


DJ and experimental music producer, Saulat Qadri, also known as DJ Saulat, is part of Karachi's vibrant electronic music scene. He got his first break in 2014 at Creative Karachi Festival (CKF) where he performed as a resident DJ. Since then, he has been performing regularly at Alliance Frances, The Second Floor (T2F), Karachi Arts Council, numerous other mainstream and underground venues, including live streaming channels (such as Karachi Community Radio, Disc Chowki etc.).  


He has produced over 20 original tracks (https://soundcloud.com/saulat-qadri/tracks) in various genres including experimental, ambient and techno. His work meld found sounds, field recordings and digitally treated sonic expressions.  His tracks are repeatedly played on various international radio networks, namely, “Tse Tse Fly Middle East” (London) and “KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio 90.3 FM”, (Minneapolis). One of his tracks “Das Rupay Glass” was included in Mosiki’s “Top 20 Alternative Tracks of 2017”. Another song, “Sui Gas Da Chuhla” hit Patari’s “Top Indie Tracks” in 2019. In October 2020, one of his tracks “Bonded” was included in an international album of experimental music, called “This is Kafala”. The album was produced by Tse Tse Fly Middle East (London) in partnership with Migrant-Rights.Org.(https://tsetseflymiddleeast.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-kafala). 


Obsessed with turntables, Saulat is also a cratedigger and does not hesitate to spin some rare records at his live performances. Although predominantly he plays multiple genres, covering experimental, progressive, house, pop, disco and lots and lots of 80s music.  

Time:  4 PM - 5 PM 

Date:  03rd July - 07th August/  Every Saturday 

Venue: The Bullpen, Khalid commercial lane 1 Phase 7 Ext. 

Age group: 10 and above 

Class of 5 - 10 participants 


Early bird discount until 26th june: PKR 10,000/-

After Early bird: PKR 13,000/-


DJing 101 with Dj Saulat


Date & Time:
03 Jul 04:00 PM - 07 Aug 05:00 PM

The Bullpen, Khalid commercial lane 1 Phase 7 Ext.

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