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Sounds of Kolachi | Chand Tara Orchestra

Sounds of Kolachi, Chand Tara Orchestra

Chand Tara Orchestra

While it is true that Pakistan’s commercial music circle, predominantly controlled by big-label productions, is still struggling to create an established space for an indie-music scene, bands like Sounds of Kolachi and Chand Tara Orchestra are making their presence felt with their splendid work, also thanks to the traction provided by Coke Studio.

It has been a musical year, and to add more merriment, these two bands are joining hands for a performance in Karachi.  It will be an “evening of folk, rock, progressive, experimental, earthy, classical music” by two independent acts.

About Sounds of Kolachi

Dubbed as “gods of music”, the sounds of Kolachi – an ensemble that includes 10 acing musicians. Ahsan Bari, the singer/songwriter/producer has a unique concept behind his band. Bari says its difficult to explain what genre they fall under – or maybe a new own “progressive world fusion”. Then, there is string section with Waqas Hussain (sitar), Gul Muhammad (sarangi), Saif Abbas Rizwan (bass) and the very popular Faraz Anwar (guitar). Ahsan Bari is both lead vocals and on guitar. Each section has their place and each section gets their due share of the limelight and time in which to perform their own solos.

Listen to their performance “Ilallah” on Coke Studio:

About Chand Tara Orchestra

Much like their fellow band, Chand Tara Orchestra shies away from being defined by known stereotypes in music industry. It features Babar Sheikh on bass, Omran Shafique on guitars, Gumby on drums and Sherry on the vocals.

More akin to extended soundscapes, Chand Tara Orchestra offers something that hasn’t been tested before locally. The music inspiration spans expansively from early American blues to Pakistani folk, pop of the 70s or just modern minimalist industrial tones. Furthermore, Chand Tara Orchestra (CTO) aims to be a classic alternative-rock band with a twist, their lyrical content is ‘borrowed’ from the poetry of Sufi saints, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and ‘existing kalams.’

Listen to their “Nami Danam” song performance on coke studio here:

Now, mark your calendars for 9th November, for what is being dubbed as a “one of a kind” performance, a live collaboration between the two bands, to provide a fresh musical synergy that has never been tried before. Both bands will be playing exquisite sets of their tunes and covers, in addition to a surprise finale performance!

This concert will take place at the Pakistan American Cultural Center on Saturday, 9th November, at 8pm. For tickets and further information, please visit their offical facebook page here.

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