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HIP HOP JAM | Our Culture Vol.3 presented by Anarchy


Saturday, 25th January, 2020 from 4:30PM to 10PM


If you think it’s finally time to settle in with new year celebrations, think again! Anarchy is here to give you another jolt to properly start 2020 with a bang! Anarchy’s third installment of their flagship event, “Our Culture” is finally here!

Enthusiasts know that Karachi’s underground circle operates in an anarchic, chaotic assemblage of art and music. The very beauty of this community lies in this chaos. What anarchy has done is embrace this – the ghetto in our very own city – to bring a perfect ensemble of Hip Hop elements under one roof. Featuring live rap performances, beatboxing, dance battles, Cyphers, graffiti, DJ and so much more, Our Culture Vol. 3 will blend together these various artistic expressions of hip-hop to create an exciting experience for you. So lets have a look at this ensemble!

Tariq 808 DJ

Not all heroes wear capes! These DJs know how to sesh and vibe, as we dance our worries away seamlessly to the rhythm of their beats. For this night-out, we have none other than DJ Tariq 808!

Now that we know that our music for the night is in good hands, what else is in store? For the first time ever in Pakistan, Our Culture vol. 3 will be featuring Live graffiti at a pure HipHop jam! And what is Anarchy without Rebel himself – the famous graffiti artist who is filling this city up with his art, concepts, creative ideas and fresh pieces.

REBEL Grafetti

Moving on, let’s look at the core of the night’s Hip Hop scene now – with a fantastic line up of beatboxing and rapping legends of the city.

For Beatboxing, we have the parry man, Bilal Rehman,  representing the School of Urban movement. Bilal Rehman has also garnered a reputation as one of the finest Cripwalkers in town. Secondly, we have, Atta Rehman! The beatboxing scene of Pakistan wouldn’t be where it is right now if Atta didn’t hustle as much as he did. Performing for more than a decade now, this legend has given a lot to the underground community and will be blessing this eventful night too with his amazing talent. Thirdly, let’s also welcome Azhar. Dubbed as a “BeastBox”, Azhar is respected by one and all for his signature style and art. By performing raw in the streets to the biggest stages, Azhar has made a remarkable position in the beatbox community of the country. And last, but surely not the least, is our very own Beatbox Veteran, the amazing, Saad Imtiazing! Saad has been organizing local events and has also been representing the beabox community internationally!


Now lets move to our another crucial pivot of the night, the rapping community! Our Culture Vol. 3 MC ensemble includes, veterans, fresh faces, as well as rappers who were celebrated in its previous renditions. Firstly, buckle up for the former “Young Bone”, MC Moji! Moji is killing it in the game with his real and original character, innovation, and out-of-bounds creativity. From bangers to celebratory music, this guy can do it all! Then we have MC Abba Hifi! Facing struggles, Abba Hifi did not let any boulder in his path stop him from achieving what he wished for. Just breaking in with brilliant live performances, he has gained the attention of many in the community. This night will also help him establish his remarkable feat so far!

MC Moji
Abba HiFi
Hassan Bilal

Following our two legends, is the guy who literally blew our minds when he performed at Vol. 2, Hassan Bin Shaheen! Lawyer and public speaking coach by profession, Hassan Bhai is really defining what “jack of all trades” really means! At the volume 2, some called him the lil dicky of Pakistan, coming through with his original songs, bars and an insane delivery! The man who has it all!

Then we have Our Culture’s first female MC, Stephanie! It is not easy for girls to break through in any space, thanks to a myriad of bumps from the patriarchal world that we live in. But the struggles didn’t stop Stephanie in getting what she believed in. Next in line, we also have the OG and veteran rapper, J Alvi! Alvi has been rapping way before a lot of us were even in the Hiphop lifestyle From releasing his first solo Mixtape in 2009, to countless bangers with his Rap crew till date, he has a lot to boast about!

J Alvi
MC Stephanie
Big H
MC Blank Space

Our final two rappers, Big H and MC Blank Space are also making sure that this saturday will be all about putting together K-town’s finest Hip Hop Jams in one space. With his retro style and by keeping the HipHop Vibe alive through his bars, it’s safe to say that the Karachi rap scene is in good hands of Big H. As for Blank Space, you may already know what he is famous for: a perfect balance of sauce, drip and charisma! Coming through with the Hip hop and Grime flava, he the hound of the underground!

If you think the ensemble ends here, you’re pleasantly mistaken. Our Culture vol 3 is serious about letting no stone unturned with its pioneer event of 2020. Our next performer is a trained kathak dancer who has been immersed in the art since the mere age of 4. He began performing on stage at the age of 6! Having performed in countries like India, Canada, Serbia and Italy, Zahshanne is now an internationally recognised star of Pakistan! Zahshanne is also a graduate from Queens University, with a degree in Drama/theatre. Knowing other styles of dance like hip hop, jazz funk and heels, she’s bound to set the stage on fire!

Zahshanne | Our Culture Vol 3 |
Lamia Fahim | Our Culture Vol 3 |

And finally, to finish this beautiful line up, is the beautiful performer, Lamia Fahim! Lamia is a full-time dancer and behind her is a story of passion. She left her corporate job to purse a career in dance, which has now become a significant defining moment in her life. 

So what are you still waiting for? This is one of those events where tickets sell out like hot cakes and you don’t want to be left behind! Show them your moves, dance, cheer, enjoy and let this upcoming Saturday night give you a clear perspective of the year ahead of us! Indeed, Hip hop pumps you to hustle hard and achieve what you wish for!

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