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Zion Music Festival | National Sailing Center

Zion Fest

ZION Music Festival

National Sailing Center

January 3rd, 2020 6pm-12am
Street no.19, Block 6, Boat Basin، Block 6 Clifton, Karachi, ضلع, Sindh 75600

Hello 2020! Hello new decade! 2020 is all about upscaling, upsizing and expanding, and Zion Fest is here to take fun to a new stage, with an electrifying night that is planned to take this venture to an unprecedented level. There is in store, a blend of popular music to dance your worries away, to match your symphonies in and out, and to welcome the new year with a bang!

Indeed, EDM has never been this big in Karachi city. With a stellar line-up of DJs that know exactly how to mobilize and electrify the energies in each of us, Zion Fest is organizing this memorable experience on January 3rd, 2020 at the National Sailing Center.

Zion Music Festival | Zion Fest | national sailing center

Which members does this line-up consist of?

SomeWhatSuper | Zion Fest |

To begin with, we have SomeWhatSuper - A two-man music outfit that shot to fame with its super hit, “The Sibbi Song”, and became a name that is known by one and all, in and out of the music circle.

SomeWhatSuper finds its uniqueness in a techno-meets-electro beat, and  includes DJs Talha Dar and Feroze Faisal as its members. Ever since it debuted, SomeWhatSuper climbed to patari’s all-time hits in three different positions and have maintained those spots since. Also with the phenomenal success of its album “Bandook”, SWS shows no signs of slowing down. Rightfully, it success is being dubbed as an “unstoppable rise”.

Then we have the Turkish music producer, DJ Kantik. Kantik boasts critically acclaimed performances in a whopping 42 countries and has gained a cult following in the Pakistani underground scenes, and also in schools and colleges. He also holds a position in Song Wordlist Top Artists.

DJ Kantik at Zion Music Festival Karachi 2020 |

Next on the line is DJ Sara Khan, who masters the art of  producing bollywood EDMs, with notable works including the sensational music in the popular song, Dilbar. Finally, we have none other than DJ Zain Rizvi (Senpai)! DJ Zain is a co-founder at Super Friends –  an enterprise that started as a collective of multi-talented friends hosting awesome beach parties in Karachi, and has now become a sophisticated EDM music production house. Not surprisingly, as a production expert, Senpai is familiar with a wide array of the genres of house, deep house, tech house, techno, indie dance, melodic house and much more! Senpai’s performance at Estrella Music FestivalArtotheque by The Jungle, and the recent pop-up collective of the District 19, Entropy, won him praises and great reviews by all those who attended.

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So we gave a shout out after 3 months of waiting and HOLY FUCK we didnt expect project x. So many people in such a compact space and no fucks given. The only fucks given were about celebrating life and dancing together as ONE! Here you can see everyone losing their shit to this perfect tune :') this energy stronger than anything I have ever felt at any event. Solis who? That's what @superfriends_music has been since day one. We live for the nights that won't be forgotten and for the people you don't want to forget. Cheers to everyone there, whether it was your first or you come every time. You all mean the world to us. A special shout out to a few: @a.m.e.e.r.h.a.m.z.a - always providing his killer sense of music and delivering fire on any dance floor we grace. My NIGGA 👐 @mustafatariq7 - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help and sticking around making sure everyone had an amazing night. Cheers to many more nights thay won't be forgotten bro. Nothing but love, SUPERFRIEND @mahnoor.j45 - Where do I even start man... The energy, the fucking SIGN! all the effort you put in to make sure this goes perfect. I can't thank you enough with words, but I am really glad we met that faithful night and became such great friends. You are love Mano. Thank you ♥ To the rest of my amazing friends. We all love you and your efforts to make Superfriends the hottest entity around k-town. It's your guys energy that drives us to delivering the craziest vibes and experiences. Salute We about to go worldwide baby! News coming soon Hahah! See you soon on a dance floor Love Senpai ♥ #superfriends #clubsuperfriends #party #music #electronic #house #marvel #spiderman #notallheroeswearcapes #beatsnotbombs #burningman #coachella #rave #culture #love #peace #togetherness #one #dance #beach #friendship #instamusic #instadj ♥

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Zion Music Festival

So, the promise that the event brings with itself is clear. Zion Fest is a guaranteed dance-till-you-drop night out experience with music, dance, laser show and a crazy party of youngsters! Grab your tickets now!

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