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A passionate kid who started his rap career in 2019 from the streets of Karachi and chose this path as a profession, taking up hip hop culture with a smooth blend of melodic tunes. 

Jani is famously known for his poetry and cadence in which he portrayed himself sometimes conveying his POV on current topics of society. His Rap, Melodies & Poetry made an exotic combo of Art. He has a massive amount of audience in Pakistan and across borders. From giving famous solo audios like “Maqaam” and “Qadar”, to Trending on YouTube with music video of “Just Cry No Cues” Jani has made his place firm in the industry. He also appeared in album “Khanabadosh” by Jokhay and worked with famous artists like Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus and Hasan Raheem.


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