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Ali Azmat


Ali Azmat is a Pakistani actor, songwriter, and musician. As an actor and singer, Ali has won the admiration of music and acting fans. His journey in the field of music and acting is still going on. He is acknowledged with numerous individuals as the main vocalist for the compelling Sufi musical crew ‘Junoon,’ which remodelled Sufi singing for Pakistan’s millennium generation. Today he is a notable rock musician – a sign of greatness and variance in the worldwide music industry. He is presently remodelling the South Asian music field, thrilling crowds with his intense and graceful combination of east/west melodic conventions. 


Ali Azmat began his singing career with Jupiter in 1986. The band started from Lahore and was making a name for itself in pop and rock singing. While a member of Jupiter, he wrote ‘Dosti’ which became a song which later made him famous nationally. However, he did not give this song to Jupiter. Inspiring Sufi rock band ‘Junoon’ became Pakistan’s 1st band in 2001 to sing at the UN General Assembly, making Pakistan famous around the world. He also released albums ‘Parwaaz’ in 1999, ‘Andaaz’ in 2001, ‘Deewar’ in 2003 and ‘Infinity’ in 2007, after which the band of ‘Junoon’ broke up and he parted ways with it.



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