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Abid Brohi


Abid Brohi is a Pakistani singer and songwriter who hails from Balochistan. He is known for his unique and distinctive style of music, which blends traditional Balochi melodies with modern-day rap and hip hop.


Abid Brohi gained popularity in Pakistan after his song "Sibbi Song" went viral on social media. The song features Brohi rapping in Balochi and has been praised for its originality and authenticity.


Apart from "Sibbi Song," Brohi has also released several other successful singles, including "The Sibbi Song 2" and "The Journey," which showcase his unique style of music and his ability to blend different genres together.


In addition to his music career, Brohi has also been an advocate for cultural preservation and has spoken out about the importance of keeping traditional Balochi music alive.


Abid Brohi's music has won him a dedicated fan base in Pakistan and beyond, with many appreciating his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music. He is considered one of the rising stars of Pakistan's music industry and is expected to continue making waves with his unique style of music.




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