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Bina Khan


If you’ve ever walked into a wedding and seen beautiful tonal ranges of blended makeup on the bride, or caught a glimpse of someone at a formal event with a clean, warm look that still makes everyone’s head turn, you know you’ve laid your eyes on a Bina Khan creation.

All about enhancing the client’s present features without making harsh or drastic changes is why she’s probably one of the best in the game to date and why we all simply swoon over her work. She’s training her crew to follow in the same direction and providing us with the ultimate dream team.

We can’t sing her enough praises! Giving step by step instructions to achieve the look to the client as well as to everyone at home via Instagram posts (which we all eagerly wait for) is just how she runs things. One really comes to realize how invested and professional she is in what she does.

We’re fortunate enough to have someone who’s been in this industry since she was 19! Accumulating tried and tested techniques of skin prep, makeup, and hair over these years, she’s now offering classes and passing on her refined skill set to anyone who seeks it.

Luckily enough, Bina Khan is innovative and connected to the 21st century standard of communication – presenting to you online virtual classes starting April 15!

You can purchase yourself a spot above and have the opportunity to be engaged in something you might have always wanted to pursue but never got the chance before. Being under her wing, surely you’ll pick up a few lifelong makeup staples.

She not only is keen to continue to learn herself but teaches us along the way. Establishing a relationship with many makeup enthusiasts through her platforms by stories, posts, and holding live sessions as well. From talking about a product (how it is on it’s own, mixed with another, or on the face) to addressing ongoing issues in Pakistan or around the world. Such a boss and inspiration, she’s always empowering women to stay true to themselves and not fall into old cultural standards of beauty, instilling that education and our own self worth can’t be beaten!

Here’s a range of bridal and editorial looks that truly showcase her style of work:

If someone is mixing 4-8 colors of lipsticks to get you the perfect shade, you know that they aren't messing around. With meticulous attention to detail, you can see Bina Khan tries matching the color of her clients outfits by creating a custom shade of blended lip colors and sometimes flushing that same color along the cheeks for a seamless flow.

The warmth, the depth, the dimension - all the drama without all the exaggeration, there’s still that youthful touch to it. And can we admire the effort put into the shaping of the lip, giving all the more oomph to red lips.

Bina shows us that even as a bride it doesn’t mean everything on the face needs to be grandeur, and sometimes simply, less is more.


A bronzed shimmered lid accompanied with fluffy lashes is an all time favorite but to achieve the level of smokiness is where all the finesse comes into play, which Bina masters ever so perfectly.

A clean look with a punch thanks to these heavenly done halo eyes. Definitely a very sought out Bina Khan masterpiece.

She makes you feel that your time with her is extremely valuable and she’ll demonstrate that by giving you the most desired and optimal result. Another play with soft colors, keeping it fresh and feminine.

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