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Shamsi Tennis Academy

Register for Elite Tennis Coaching in Karachi

Shamsi Tennis Academy

Register for Elite Tennis Coaching in Karachi

Sports Academies across the world today are undergoing systematic transformations in overall standards, qualities and dynamism. With progressively advancing implementation of sports technologies and an in-depth understanding of the requirements to actualise a young athletes physical and technical potential, kids today are privy to the highest levels of training in any sport.

Shamsi Tennis Academy is one of the few academies offering international standard professional tennis training in Karachi. With elite level coaching, prime facilities and structured programs designed to develop athletes holistically, this academy has set the bar in the city.

Founder, Program Director and Head Coach Nameer Shamsi is well qualified to lead the initiative. A Tennis enthusiast since the age of 11 and a life-long athlete, Nameer is the youngest ITF Level 2 Certified Coach in Pakistan and an ITF Pakistan tutor. He was a 4 year scholar athlete at Augusta University before returning to Karachi and starting this academy.

Nameer Shamsi | Shamsi Tennis Academy |

Nameer Shamsi

  • ITF Level 2 Certified Coach
  • ITF Pakistan Tutor
  • Pakistan’s number 1 Tennis player in U13-16
  • World Junior Tennis representation for Pakistan
  • Junior Davis Cup representation for Pakistan
  • 4-year scholar athlete at Augusta University
Small girl in pink top playing tennis at Shamsi Tennis Academy |
Start the Journey of Tennis with our Modified Balls (Red, Orange & Green)

The academies programs are designed for athletes of all ages, levels and aspirations – for leisure or competition. They provide amateur programs, adult programs, advanced group classes and individual sessions working with Nameer & other coaches, all of whom are Sindh Level.

The Academy offers coaching for Kids from the ages of 4 years old and up. Beginners joining Shamsi Tennis Academy’s amateur program will be focused on tennis fundamentals, starting with a modified tennis ball (red ball) to help them work on developing technique.

The journey of Tennis is a transition from fundamentals training with a ‘red ball’, through to the intermediate yellow ball involves rigorous skill focused work, emphasis on improvements in physical attributes and constructive mental coaching. Each player’s path from Red Ball, through Yellow Ball and ultimately to elite training at Green Ball is in accordance with the individual athlete’s level of progress.

In tennis, every player learns different. Majority of the players prefer visual or auditory communication. But some players need a better sense of feel in order to learn better. Such Demonstrations should be used for players learning through Touch/Feel.

Shamsi Tennis Academy

Talented kids who want to take their game up a notch will have plenty of opportunity to do so. High level coaching from the academy involving close mentoring and advanced training schemes will prepare them for competition at regional or national level.

The Academy constantly strives to incorporate educational considerations to take higher education and college opportunities into account. High level competition lines up young student-athletes for Tennis scholarships at universities in the US, UK, CA and more.

Two days of training for the boys so they can get used to the temperature, altitude and courts. These boys are doing exceptionally well and giving their best. The trials start tomorrow and I am hopeful some of the boys will get selected, InshAllah

Nameer Shamsi (February 9, 2020)

Younger children, teenagers and adults joining Shamsi Tennis Academy at any level can expect to see rapid developments in hand-eye coordination, technique and form, physical fitness, mental composure, strategy and competitive play. The academy regularly keeps up to date on the latest Tennis training principles, on occasion involving international players for seminars and lessons.

All Shamsi Tennis Academy coaches are Sindh Level

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