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Winter Land - Summer Chill Festival 2022


**This Amusement Park is open 7 days a week for 9 slots a day at the PAF Museum. This is not a single day event.**



Bundle up and get ready to have snow and much fun!

Introducing Pakistan’s first-ever, one-of-a-kind indoor snow park.

What is Winterland?

An unrivaled destination for snowy fun, food, activities, and fantasy. Ditch those flip-flops and get ready to be immersed in a year-round, climate-controlled environment with 100% real snow and cool activities!

From Ice Rinks to Ice Billiards, Bend Slides, and Sculptures; we are revolutionizing the indoor game by having something for every age group.

Taking pride in providing safety precautions very seriously, our experienced and enthusiastic team is here to make your indoor snow time fun and safe.

Our goal is to enthrall our guests with a marvelous view of never seen snow in the city because, at Winterland, every day is a snow day!


Time - 3 pm to 12 am (9 slots per day, 1 hour each slot)

Ticket includes:


Beautifully sculpted Ice Monuments and Life-size Animal Figurines

Ice Park with over 7,000 tons of solid ice

Magnificent Ice Buildings & Majestic Ice Sculptures

Ice Cycling & Ice-Cream Parlour

Live Snowfall & Merry Snow Round

Ice Slides & a Huge Ice Christmas Tree

Great China Wall

Marvel Ice-Based Characters

Various Selfie Points

Ice based Igloo & Long Tunnel

Ice Based Kingkong Vs Godzilla

Ice Based Penguin World & Space World

Winter Land - Summer Chill Festival 2022
Standard Ticket PKR 1,500
Bundle of 4 Tickets PKR 5,500
Bundle of 6 Tickets PKR 7,500
Bundle Of 9 Tickets PKR 10,500


Winter Land - Summer Chill Festival 2022


Date & Time:
13 May, 2022 03:00 PM

Winter Land, PAF Museum, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi, Pakistan

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