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April 23 2020 - May 23 2020

Online Class

01:00 pm - 11:00 pm


1 on 1 Classes
BBA from San Jose State University - Physical Education
TEFL+ certified teacher in multiple countries  

Specialises in weight loss, muscle toning, resistance training & treatment for individuals with arthritis, sciatica, osteoporosis, cervical, vertigo and polio patients. Creates result-oriented programmes that can improve body metabolism, blood circulation level and body fat reduction. He has trained half paralysed individuals, people with polio symptoms 

  • Receive a Personalised Diet Chart (based on client needs)
  • Learn how to create certain angles that allow us to hit each and every muscle of our body
  • Mix abdominal movements with shoulders, arms, back and legs
  • End all sessions with cardiovascular activities (dependent on surrounding space at clients disposal)
  • Programme changes on daily basis - designed according to client: needs and/or goals (build muscle, burn fat, tone muscles, improve bone density etc.) 

FreeHand Core by Hasan

Ticket Name Price
1 on 1 Classes (3 days a week) 5000
1 on 1 Classes (5 days a week) 10000

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