Women’s Week | International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is fast approaching. As such, it is common knowledge that 8th March will witness another glorious Aurat March, with rust coloured banners demanding rights in the wittiest words, and women out on the street, fearless and protected by one another, in the face of patriarchy. The week leading to this venerable day is similarly full of events catered to celebrating women.

A Panel Discussion on Gender Perspectives & Women’s Empowerment

06 March 2020

On March 6th, the British Council library welcomes women to commemorate the power that lies within them. The panel aims to recognize and celebrate the female trailblazers of the country. An open discussion, traversing through the multiple success stories that have emerged in the face of extensive gendered discrimination. The fascinating discourse on women will be followed by a musical performance form Natasha Ejaz, a new emerging talent.

Women Street Cricket Match

07 March 2020

The female reclamation of public spaces has been long overdue. Patriarchy dictates that women never be seen, and an openly athletic woman is a novelty because of those very pressures. We will stand for it no longer. The Jungle brings to you a cricket match, open only to women. If you happen to be a cricket lover, but never got the opportunity to play on the streets, here is your chance. Mark your calendars for 4pm – 7pm, 7th of March and dig out those bats, balls and wickets.

Let's Talk: The Economic Gender Gap​ |

Let's Talk: The Economic Gender Gap

07 March 2020

The gender wage gap exists. It is not glaringly obvious to some, and escapes notice of the unaware but it exists in all of its unfairness. Hosted by the National Incubation Center at NED University and in collaboration with IBM, this talk will focus upon the economic and technological disparity that facilitates men to succeed, but keeps women at bay with the invisible glass ceiling. The glass ceiling must be shattered. This talk is a step towards it. It attempts to initiate a dialogue on ending the gap, shaping inclusive environments which are safe for women, and helping them to take on leadership roles.

Third Women Law Conference​ |

Third Women Law Conference

07 March 2020

Women in the legal field face complexities that are often brushed under the carpet, not brought out to the fore. Held on March 7th, from 2 pm to 6 pm, the third women’s law conference attempts to initiate discourse about the gender biases, sexual harassment, and the power dynamics that women face going into their chosen field. The conference will enable empowered women from the legal arena to converse on these topics and educate all those who seem to be unaware of it.

Beyond Beauty X - Celebrating Women of Today​ |

Beyond Beauty X - Celebrating Women of Today

08 March 2020

The School of Leadership introduces a women centered, unique one-day experience. Beyond Beauty celebrates womanhood in all of its glory. Held on March 8th, from 9:30 am to 6 pm, the conference attempts to reveal the substantial victories of the women in Pakistani society, presenting itself as a platform for women to explore the issues that they undergo, bound in the patriarchal arena. It is an invitation to inspire and be inspired. It reminds women that their fight will one day come to fruition, as long as they keep working to construct an increasingly gender equal, inclusive world.

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