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February 11- February 16

February 11

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Women's Boxing Classes

Alliance française de Karachi brings all you wonderful ladies the opportunity to get the best of best training in boxing  led by the former Boxing Champion and Vice Champion of France, Ahlam Sehil. The sessions will focus on fitness, core strengthening and fat loss, with a lot of fun. Beginners are very welcome!

Classes will be held every Tuesday and Saturday from 6pm to 7pm and are open for ladies ages 14 and up only. So what are you waiting for ladies? Get ready to southpaw that weakness and fat!

More details here.

February 12

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Wellness Series by Irum Fawad & Shireen Khan

If you struggling with Time Management, If you are wondering about Personal development, If you know someone who is challenged by Emotional Health, then wash your tension away as  Pakistan Entrepreneurs Motivational Trainers brings to you the first of the Wellness Series by Irum Fawad & Shireen Khan this February 12th.

This Life Matters group coaching will cover everything from Relationship matters to Business Matters to provide you with the perfect balance of personal and professional. Life Coaches Irum Fawad and Shireen Khan promise that this Life Matters training is a must for all people!

For more details visit the official event page.

February 13

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Workplace Wellness Conference 2020

MurtafiyahParallel and Brand Accord present the highly awaited Workplace Wellness Conference 2020, to be held this Thursday 13th of February at the Regent Plaza Hotels from 9am to 5pm.

The Workplace Wellness Conference 2020 is the event where the decision makers at the top tiers of their organisations will come under one roof. Our objective is to provide attendees a forum to network with Wellness professionals in order to learn and share innovative practices and developments for improving and inculcating these practices at their own workplaces. At its core, this event is about Professionals from diverse areas of expertise coming together to share experiences, create meaningful connections, and learn to build Better Workplaces.

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February 13 - February 14

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Workshop: Impact of Media on Children

Media plays a pivotal role in today’s society and is an unavoidable aspect of the environment of a child. Therefore one cannot ignore the impact that it has on the children. This workshop will focus on understanding the different types of media and strategies to manage there impact on children. Brought to you by TRC (Teacher’s Resource Center ) the workshop will be led by Mr. Syed Hammad Hasnain Naqvi, a graduate of Media Sciences and is a professional facilitator and will aims to introduce the participants with media concepts and their impact on children and come up with effective strategies to manage this impact.

The workshop will be held at Teachers’ Resource Centre, from 2.30pm to 5pm.

More details here.        

February 15

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Taichi & Chi Gong Workshop; The Cosmic Dance of Energy

Taichi or Taiji Chuan is an ancient Martial Art (Wushu), Meditation System and Healing Practice from China. Chi Gong (Chi Kung) is a holistic system of coordinated body movement, breath, stretching and meditation used for Preventive Medicine, Self-Healing and Self-Cultivation. ‘Chi’ refers to the ‘Life Energy’ and ‘Gung’ or ‘Kung’ means ‘Cultivation’. The Second Floor (T2F) proudly brings to you Taichi & Chi Gong Workshop; The Cosmic Dance of Energy to be held every Wednesday and Saturday for the month of February.

Led by Shifu Muhammad Munawwar Shamroz, the senior most practitioner of Taichi and Chi Gong in Pakistan, this workshop will help you learn everything Martial Arts, Self Defense, Mindfullness to Weight Loss, Longevity and Healing Techniques.

February 15

workplace wellness conference 2020/

The Baithak

This month every Saturday brings to you The Baithak at AQ Power Yoga.  Baithak is space where you can come and give the world around you a break. A space which is your own to create and is full of people just like you. So put the fun in therapy and come join the circle!

This weeks’ plan is Me, Myself and I. Here you will fall in love with yourself and find what makes your soul shine. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your tickets here 

February 16

workplace wellness conference 2020/

Recovery from Mental Illness: The Journey is Real

Recovery is an important idea that is sweeping the mental health field. It describes an on-going journey of self-healing and transformation in the positive changes that can happen in people’s lives after the experience of prolonged psychiatric symptoms or a disability.

The Recovery House presents Recovery from Mental Illness: The Journey is Real on the 16th of February from 3pm to 5pm to help you explore with panelists such as Dr. Veronica Carey and Uzma Ambareen M.D. on this important concept of “Recovery” and what it looks like for people dealing with mental illnesses.  

Buy tickets here!

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