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HUCON 3000

HUCON 3000

Did Iron Man’s ‘I love you 3000’ reduce you to a blubbering mess? Have you always wanted to join Dumbledore’s Army? Did Game of Thrones’ last episode leave you empty, with a void as vast as Tartarus? Are you perhaps upset that your friends don’t understand your obsession with Baby Yoda?

Well then, pick up your wands and lightsabers and put on your capes and costumes, because HUCon 3000 is almost here and it promises to be unforgettable! Walk into this bizzare land where hobbits parley with Korean pop stars, Princess Leia is actually friends with Jabba the Hutt, and Light Yagami doesn’t mind the company of the PowerPuff Girls.

Habib University’s third comic convention, HUCon 3000, is back with a bang! A celebration of the fictional, this convention offers a multitude of opportunities for your love of fandoms to bloom. So, mark your calendars for the 21st of February 2020, and remember the time 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm because if you miss this, the ghost of Tony Stark will potentially haunt you forever.

HUCON 3000​/

Here’s a look into everything that HUCon 3000 offers:

HUCON 3000​/


Why work when you can spend time editing the fandom videos you’re so passionate about? The rules for this competition are as stated here:

HUCON 3000​/


A comic con without its characteristic cosplay walk is like Luna Lovegood without her quirks; incomplete! HUCon 3000 has planned a spectacular cosplay segment, you can even win prizes if your costume is convincing enough. Efforts will not go unrecognized! What’s better than dressing up as your favourite character and then getting rewarded for it?

HUCON 3000​/
HUCON 3000​/


BTS Army, EXO-L, BLINK, all kpop enthusiasts will enjoy this particular segment the most. The fan favourite, Indigo 18, is returning to HUCon to set fire to the stage with their kpop covers!


Unique in its inclusivity, this tournament doesn’t discriminate between the video game fanatics who love Tekken and those who love transporting to a different world with card games such as the Duel Masters.

For the Tekken tournament, the rules are:

Get shuffling, because this one’s for those who are interested in the Duel Masters tournament:

1. You are advised to bring your own decks.

2. There will be a limited number of registrations which will take place on the day of the event.

3. The tournament will be a knockout tournament with ‘best of three’ games being the winner of each match.

4. You will not be allowed to change the decks between a match.

5. The usual TCG rules will be applied.

HUCON 3000​/
HUCON 3000​/
HUCON 3000​/


Yes, you’re allowed to scream and freak out. Usman Riaz will be present at HUCon 3000 as a guest speaker! The man who’s working day and night to bring Studio Ghibli style animations to Pakistan as the creator of Mano Animation Studios. If you aren’t convinced yet, then here’s another spoiler: brand new, never screened before, special footage from Riaz’s ‘The Glassworker’ will be screened for the first time at HUCon!


Belt out some tunes, sing your hearts out without judgement at the busking station! Doesn’t matter if you’re not Beyonce, just have some fun with your friends. Challenge them, sing with them, have a wonderful time!

HUCON 3000​/
HUCON 3000​/


In true comic con fashion, this event will have some delicious food stalls. Who doesn’t want a cupcake customized as Spiderman? So don’t worry, the food department’s got all your cravings under control!

Drawing Competition

Demonstrate your versatility as an artist in any medium you want – challenge to win in HUCon3000’s Flash Drawing Competition. Register at the event, bring your own equipment for painting and/or drawing portraits and enter the timed competition.

All aboard the fandom express, its next pit stop is HUCon 3000! Don your costumes, put on some face paint and come on down to a world swirling with Katniss Everdeens, Daenerys Targaryens and Sakuras. You won’t regret it.

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